Why celebrities overpaid

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Brucie made the right decision, though I do understand why they get paid more than normal jobs. You just don't get things free, you earn it.

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Mar 04,  · If you look at it subjectively, it is hard to deny something that I think a lot of people will think: Most athletes are overpaid. Let me run down some statistics for you to back up the argument.

Jul 03,  · It's easy enough to show that celebrities get lots of money.

Are celebrities overpaid?

This very magazine creates a list each year of how many tens of millions people get for being able to sing, dance or talk to a TV camera. "I do think celebrities get paid too much. The money they get could go on better things, but I suppose if you want presenters on TV you'll have to pay the price, because not all celebrities are as willing to cut their wages as Bruce Forsyth." Laura, 13.

We're obsessed with celebrity gossip — watching stars react to internet trolls, scrolling through “most hated celebrities” lists, wondering to ourselves, “Why do people hate. May 23,  · Update: Again, let me clarify that I'm asking why they are OVERPAID not why they are paid.

I think we all know they are way overpaid for what they do. Status: Resolved. The thought might put you off. Why would you want to smear such smelly stuff like apple cider vinegar all over your face when there are delightfully scented face care products available?

Why celebrities overpaid
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