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For them things are not as urgent as we perceive them to be. As one of the employees notes: The competence centre is engaged in global development, logistics and Danfoss trata of heat exchangers used in district heating and cooling systems. The interviewees did not want to disclose in more detail for what purposes the subsidy was used.

Employment quantity and quality needs are anticipated within individual projects. Realizing the potential in their employees, employee education and personal growth are seen as essential.

Work is carefully structured and organized to suit the needs of each individual production line. Wherever prudent, things are based on the widest possible level of consensus, with joint setting of goals, joint arrangement of tasks and ways of working, regular follow-ups not monitoring of success.

It enables you speed and flexibility. The experience of Danfoss Trata shows that companies that belong to large multinationals to a large extent tend to resolve their skills and training needs within the parent company network.

Sharing her view Mr. Sem ze tudi slisala za primer, kako je tim koordinator prismrdel po alkoholu v casu nocne izmene. The distribution of regular and temporary workers as a source of external flexibility This is mainly due to the fact that the competence centre includes a research centre for heat exchangers, plus the engagement of top people with the knowledge of district heating, welding and pressing.

In the Slovene culture safety family and work are perceived as fundamental social standards and yardsticks for all aspects of social and economical life. We are often jumping from one thing to the other; never completely finishing anything everything is urgent.

This case study looks at the setting up of a heat exchangers competence centre in Slovenia. By adding new employees with the right drive and placing them in teams with more mature base employees, Trata has managed to extend its fundamental success driver and nurture a new generation of dedicated Trata employees.

This means Trata can afford more engineers. If it is really urgent, then their boss must give their work to somebody else, so they can attend to the matter. It is simply good to work at Trata. The costs related to the project are typical costs of establishing a new line of business, i.

Today certain elements of the Danish management styles, such as employees participating in setting goals and absence of hierarchy successfully build on the socialist self-management past.

Some might find this silly, but I found it nice. V proizvodnji zahtevajo veliko. In Denmark if an employees says to his boss he cannot do it, the boss will not understand this as his unwillingness to work, but his inability to work.

In addition to the welding course, she has also participated in communication workshops organized for all Trata employees, finished a computer course and a seminar on dealing with hazardous materials and substances.

Setting foot in Trata, positive indoctrination is seen and felt everywhere. They believe this can be linked to upbringing and education patterns based on strong emphasis on rule obedience, adherence, being good and avoiding mistakes Jazbec,reinforced by an education system focusing on reproduction and not value creation, a typical Austro-Hungarian and later socialist legacy.

A typical Slovene plays many roles Arising form high valuation of work and low tolerance for risk, a typical Slovene is hard working and plays many different roles, through which he spreads the risks and ensures greater security.

Different configurations are drawn and explained at each such unit, depending on the number of workers present at the unit. The experience of Danfoss Trata shows that companies need to establish permanent cooperation with research and training institutions which are of specific importance for their line of business.

O tem, kako te bo tim koordinator naucil in ti pokazal, kako se dela. Contact persons at Danfoss Trata, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

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Danfoss employs approximately 24, people worldwide with its headquarters in Nordborg, Denmark. Danfoss was founded in by Mads Clausen, and is today almost entirely owned by the Bitten and Mads Clausen Foundation. Danfoss ustvarja tehnologije, ki omogočajo jutrišnjemu svetu, da z manj doseže več.

Preberite več. Spoznajte Jean-Sebastiana iz nabavnega oddelka, Amit iz oddelka za raziskave in razvoj ter Mei iz podiplomskega programa s področja financ, če omenimo le nekaj naših sodelavcev, ki si želijo vplivati na spremembe v svetu.

Prisluhnite njihovim zgodbam in izvedeli boste, v. Danfoss Trata. June – Present 6 months.

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Ljubljana, Slovenia * Responsible for daily challenges with incoming material, whether it is comming from production process or detected during incoming control * Responsible to coordinate supplier complaints with problem solving janettravellmd.com: Advanced Supplier Quality.

Project technology manager at Danfoss Trata d.o.o. Aleš Perme. VP Technology Operations at RoboticsX. Blaz Filipic. Head of Magnetic Core and Metal Equipmen at KOLEKTOR ETRA.

Anton Žvar. Quality Manager at Danfoss Trata d.o.o.

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